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Behind the wooden doors of every household in Obihiro, Hokkaido, a Buta Don recipe unique to each family is a guarded secret and pride and joy of its elders. This untold tradition for the local delicacy of chargrilled juicy pork slices served over steaming rice and slathered in speciality tare sauce is passed from generation to generation with each clan privately considering their own as superior. Deceptively simple yet vastly satisfying, there has been nothing more rewarding than a piping hot bowl of Buta Don waiting for the forefathers of Obihiro after a long day of working in the fields.

Since the early 90s, pig farms have thrived in the Tokachi prefecture thanks to the cooler Northern temperatures and rich crop feeds. Coupled with intense care and nutrient-rich fodder, it is no surprise that the area has made its name for producing the highest grades of pork in the world, providing the best pork possible for each bowl of Buta Don.

Over the years, and after much probing and discreet observation, Tokachi Tontaro has put together its very own secret Buta Don recipe, combining the best techniques and guarded ingredients bestowed on the descendants in Obihiro. It is our goal to bring back the craft and traditional culture of rewarding oneself with the finest black pork rice bowls (Buta Don) and we sincerely hope to bring credit to the authentic local delicacy that is traditionally enjoyed by everyone in Obihiro, Japan!

MasterChef Bio

Junko Goto

Born and raised in Japan, MasterChef Junko Goto is a local celebrity chef with a passion for crafting original recipes. She started her very own reservation-only restaurant, Azukian, in Obihiro, Tokachi and has embarked on numerous collaborations with chefs around the globe, whipping up dishes and creating cross-cultural menus. The smiles from her customers are what motivates her to explore and discover new ways of cooking and preparing dishes.

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